blue red classic
Ep: 45 SR - The Toast Returns
A New Start
So here it is. A brand new site. I spent a lot of time trying to get this thing to look good. I'm sure a number of you will say "Why is he spending time making the site look different when he should be making more comics?" Well, the answer to that is.. um.. I'm not sure. I just thought it needed to be changed. The old layout was slow, clunky and ugly (to me, anyway). This new layout should make things better. Oh.. and I'm "selling out" by putting up a banner ad. Yes, it's low, I know, but it's not like it's a huge ad or anything. As far as new comics go, as you can see there's a new one up and I've got several more written (not drawn) and a couple of things I need to explain story wise (like the whole evil Hello Kitty and what happened to her). I'll be getting to everything in due time. And yes, although this seems to start a new story line, I will be going back to the spoon (I've gotten a number of emails asking about the spoon specifically).
Layout Woes
In case you're having problems with the new layout, I'm working on redoing the CSS to work better with lower resolutions. I hope this will fix about 90% of the problems. I apologize for not making sure it was lower resolution friendly. I'm not sure about other browsers (as I've only got Firefox and IE installed) or other platforms (I don't have a machine setup running Linux with a GUI and I don't have access to a Mac). Please bear with me as I fix these (and hopefully many other) problems.